Purple Worm

Ostrinus Terrestris


The purple worm is purported to reach lengths in excess of 100’ by adulthood and many are believed to grow far larger through adulthood, a period of time that is thankfully held to take many decades to reach. However the obvious dangers in studying these creatures during the course of their natural lives is something that very few academics choose to pursue. A species discovered post-mortem in the desert sands of Ancient Neconilia was measured 9 feet in diameter, and reached a distance of 150’. It’s stomach contents were recorded to contain many various materials. A complete list of such items was compiled by Nark, the Archmage and is recorded here.

Of these items, it is believed they are discharged by the purple worm in the form of precious metals and gems, though the manner in which this occurs remains a mystery. However deposits of such valuable items are routinely found in the paths of these subterranean leviathans.


Several members of this species have terrorized the landscape around the Keep, and have shifted this famous bastion into a state of flux! All trade in and out of the keep has stopped, and only travelers of the greatest hubris and temerity, or desperation, make their way from the Keep.

It is believed the rocky plateau upon which the Keep is strategically fortified will prevent a direct invasion of the great worms, and for the moment the villagers of the Keep, rely on the harvest from the fields of the Inner Bailey and pray for deliverance from this horrible nightmare.

Purple Worm

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