Gadol Shemot


AC 10 / 21
HP 4d8

Attack +2
Crit Die/Table: 1d10/III
Action Dice 1d20

Ref+1 Fort+2 Will+2

Upon meeting the Priest it is easy to see that he has a warm and tender heart, and doesn’t take life’s rebounds to heart. He is an elderly , jovial man, eager to discuss theology with learned folk and convert others. Everyone speaks highly of his holiness, and most can tell of a time they or someone they know has benefited from generosity from him.

The Priest regards his appearance with extreme importance. From a long neatly trimmed White beard, to his garments, all are the vestments of his religion. He always wears a clean white linen beneath a blue robe. Atop that he wears an apron like garment embroidered with blue, purple, scarlet, and gold threads tied at his waist with a sash of the same splendid threads. A jeweled Priestly Breastplate of 12 precious stones is bound to his apron with rings, and lastly the crown and sides of his head are covered in a stark white turban and a golden circlet.

He resides in a beautiful private manse within the Outer Bailey of the Keep, comparable only to the Jewel Merchant in size and beauty. He is accompanied by two converts, who never speak, having been sworn to follow vows of silence until they attain a closer position to the gods.

The Priest is a gracious host, and fine listener. He is unequaled in his hatred of evil, and interested in anyone brave enough to seek out the Caves of Chaos in order to subvert and destroy that evil place, and the vile denizens that call that darkness home.


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