Piper "Pipe" Blusterwind

Renowned Dilettante of Restenford


Level: 4
Class: Thief
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic
Occupation: Caravan Guard

Attributes Value MOD Current
STR 9 0 9
AGL 16 +2 16
STA 14 +1 14
INT 10 0 10
PER 13 +1 13
Luck 18 +3 18

Languages: Common, Thieves’ Cant
Luck Ability: Four Leaf Clover – Find Secret Doors

AC Spd Ini HP Hit Dice Fortitude Save Reflex Save Will Save
12 30 +0 15 D6 +1 +2 +1

Base Weapon Proficencies:
MELEE: Blackjack, Dagger, Garrote, Short Sword, Staff
RANGED: Blowgun, Dart, Sling


Once known to have drank an entire half tun of Amontillado (though others claim it was a Sherry) while visiting the Keep on the Borderlands, thus earning the name Pipe. Controversy surrounds the true identity of Pipe, or Piper as he is also known. One other alias he is believed to travel under is Malak the Brave.

Piper has a fondness of Amazons, daggers, and the drink. His guiding focus to attain his three loves is the accumulation of copper, silver, and gold, though not in that order.

Piper is adept at lifting an item from an unsuspecting mark, while he or an accomplice directs their attention elsewhere, though he often grows fond of his more interesting targets, and spends enough time with them, that the success of his skill is undone by a misstep that reveals his surreptitious deed.

His motto is “Live and Laugh” and he is quick to depart from danger, and former associates say he is the only person seen to back stab an opponent with two daggers at once. Furthermore he is said to have coined the phrase “down the pipe” for coming up with a way to hide a precious stone or jewel ~ by swallowing it!

Piper "Pipe" Blusterwind

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