Parsimonius Farvale

Master Merchant


Parsimonious Farvale is a foreign born merchant, with double the business savvy and shrewdness of western merchants by and large. Innovative and clever he changed his surname years ago to better assimilate with other traders and business clientele. He has ownership of many businesses and is thus the center of many livelihoods. He is not known for his kindness or generosity however, quite the opposite. Parsimonious treats those beneath him with disdain, and lathers those above him in silver tongued obsequiousness. He is a man whose ambitions compete with greed and selfishness like a great hydra lashing in many directions. Something that clever adversaries are both aware of and willing to exploit.

For one week every month the master merchant holds the Farvale Market Festival at the Keep. Sellers that partake in the festival must rent a space within the Fountain Square if they are to avoid the troubles of selling without a license during festival.

He is now angling to secure a continuous fair that will open during Spring Festival and last year round, so long as he is able to manifest continual imports for indulgent townsfolk. Barrels of ale, wine, heavy stocks of nuts, grains, and even a few exotic goods which may prove to be the vice of vainglorious patrons and visitors.

A related ambition pursues an idea to sell goods based on loan and credit.


Parsimonius Farvale

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