Dwarven Runner

Orzâd is very quick on his feet, and is capable of outrunning the average man, a feat enough for man let alone a dwarf. He regards his appearance with careful propriety, choosing the best and lightest fabrics, he prefers the wide open spaces of the wilderness to the forges of the underdark, and is often seen with a book, his pipe, and his pet cat Thylda.

Orzâd son of Hargrin. Aged sixty four years. Student of engineering, history, heraldry, strategy & tactics, theology, and the art of poetry, song, and theater. Orzâd is a close friend of Brokk Priest of Grungni. He is the only dwarf ever known to run faster than a man, and domesticate a cat, whom he lovingly calls Thylda.

Orzâd is caught under a dark shadow however, not the least of which is made apparent to him. He is jealously regarded by an older underling, who was bonded to him at his birth. This dwarf is Magnar, aged 78 years. He has been loyal, and subservient to Orzâd his entire life, but his hatred and reluctance has grown over time, and dreams of the day when the time is right to strike the anvil.


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