Lawful Good


Mouse is a scrawny lad somewhere in the midst of his adolescent youth. He is a determined, adventurous and spiritually minded individual.

Attributes Value MOD Current
STR 8 -1 8
AGL 12 0 12
STA 10 0 10
INT 9 0 9
PER 16 +2 16
Luck 14 +1 14

Martin was born to Hans Luder (or later Ludher or Luther) and his wife Margarethe in Greyhawk in 1053. Martin attended school, and was within the process of learning life as a guildsman alongside his father, a leaseholder in copper mining venture, when he abruptly stowed himself away in a caravan of Harbrand Konig.

This voyage brought him to the Keep on the Borderlands, where his lack of size and parental guardianship resulted in being forced into work as a stable boy, and the life of a petty street urchin, where he became known as “Mouse”. However, his life began to change one evening when he met the benevolent Flanders, cleric of Aristemis. The kindly priest took pity upon the boy, provided him food, attention and an opportunity to grasp at his life long yearning; monastic life as a friar at the Saint Cuthbert Monastery.


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