Each mercenary is equipped with leather armor and a shield, with a hand-weapon and dagger at the waist.

AC 13
HP 1d10

Deed Die +d3
Crit Die/Table: 1d12/III
Threat Range 19-20
Action Dice 1d20
| Ref +1 | Fort +1 | Will +0 |

Alignment: Roll 1d3


Mercenaries are typically men who have some experience in adventuring or soldiering, but reputations typically amount to greedy sell-swords with no honor. Occasionally a Lawful aligned youth talented and brave will fall under the mantle of mercenary before rising to more prestigious titles, but this is not always the case. Some mercenaries are Chaotic, and live a life taking great pleasure in killing for money and are a potential threat to all around them, while others are more balanced and want to make a living to support their family while making the realm a safer place.

Whatever the case may be, mercenaries seek employment for high wages citing their deeds, and past forays into danger as the credentials for the prices they command. In addition to their daily wages, the employer is required to furnish the mercenary with any items they might want them to have:

  • Melee & Missile Weapons
  • Dungeon Gear
  • Food and Drink
  • Room and Board
    Finally it is always necessary to buy mercenaries a drink before discussing terms of employment.


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