The Men-at-Arms are equipped either as archers with crossbow or long bow, sword, and dagger. Clad in chainmail, with a shield at the ready, OR as Halberdiers with polearm, and dagger, and clad in full plate mail.

AC 15 or 17
HP 2d6


A look at most of the men-at-arms educates the traveller in the necessities of war. Young men stand in the metal attire of the oath-sworn, battle ready soldier. These youthful men are the face of the Keep’s Military. They are silent and obedient members of their order and instill authority on sight when on duty. While disengaged from their posts, they return to the ordinary boys that they were born, in pursuit of life’s frivalties and romances, without a thought for the dangers beyond the wall, that is until the battle trumpet makes its call, and the countenances of these young men fall.


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