Sage of Lat Nam


AC 10
HP 6d4


Kazaa, The Sage of Lat Nam, is an individual of secrecy and knowledge, he carries neither wand, scepter or sword, but grimoires of knowledge. His head is shaved bald, and a long beard curls from his narrow chin to the floor, he wears the robes of an academic and speaks neither of his origins or his true name, but some say he is a sorcerer.

Having taken up residence in one of the private homes located in the Outer Bailey he keeps odd hours* but offers the service of his vast knowledge for a fee. The deeper or greater the question the higher the price. With the arrival of the new and benevolent Viscount Dinegelden, it became possible for the Sage of Lat Nam to create the Magic Item Shop. (Older customs disallowed the sale of magic artifacts.)

  • odd hours: 1,2 in 1d6, (check once per day): shop is open for business.


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