Lord Hategood



AC 10
HP 2d6

" Sirrah, sirrah, thou deservest to live no longer, but to be slain immediately upon the place; yet, that all men may see our gentleness towards thee, let us hear what thou, vile runagate, hast to say." ~The Pilgrim’s Progress, London 1678


Lord Hategood is the opposite of what any defendant would wish to see when they appear in court. He wears an expression of pure malignance, his mouth curled into a seemingly perpetual scowl. When he sets his eyes upon you, you can barely see them, for they quickly become furrowed away beneath a tense and judging squint, a squint seemingly as narrow as his mind.

He is joined in court by 12 jurors of scurrilous rogues, with skin so pallid they appear to be entering the earliest stages of rot. A unanimous verdict of execution in the cruelest possible manner is something of a tradition for the Court Hategood.

Lord Hategood

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