Kulick Brothers

Jaime, Roderick, and Austin


Pictured: (in order) Jaime, Roderick, and Austin standing with Liebrecht Oldenhaller the Guild Master of the Keep on the Borderlands.


The Kulick brothers Roderick (Arrogance), Jaime (Pride), and Austin (Self Conceit), are a group of three mercenaries who the heroes met at the Tavern when they first arrived at the Keep on the Borderlands in scene III The Keep at Last. Where the brothers with wine in hand laughed and boasted of a tale in which two of them bravely fought off an ugly and fearsome creature with green scales and pointed teeth, while the eldest, Roderick a massive heap of a man, smashed it’s head in with a heavy stone.

As Tinaroth listened to their story however, collecting lore and clues for a new ballad to play, he began to learn from the youngest brother, Austin, that it may not have been a fierce beast at all, but a sleeping child of one of the greenskin races some people called goblin. And that the quick nimble ‘goblin’ made a foul of the older two, and out ran them away to live another day!

As mercenaries the Kulick brothers offered their services to the new comers of the keep. Recently however, they have allied themselves with the Guildhouse of Guild Master Liebrecht Oldenhaller. Roderick and Jaime have become increasingly opposed to the new band of adventurers in the Keep, after becoming embarrassed by Argosa and Tinaroth when they defended some New Friends who were being harassed by the brute Roderick Kulick.

Since the disappearance of Argosa and Tinaroth, these men have spread stories of defeating them and running them off in a most heroic manner, to their long list of acclaim.

Kulick Brothers

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