Precious Metals Vendor


Julath is a surprisingly successful and shrewd business woman despite the adversities of the day. Helping her to her success with precious metals is an older man, Konrad Bornbach, who for his own personal reasons is usually in a miserable mood.


Specializes In: potions
Also Provides: trap components, adventuring supplies, thief supplies

Quality: acceptable
Price: seems fair
Variety: average

Haggling: is enthusiastic
Haggling Effectiveness: not bad

Daily Special: 25% off of an exotic item Shopkeeper

Name: Julath
Gender: female, (bearded)
Race: dwarven

Mood: helpful
Currently: heckling passersby

Physical Trait: above-average looks
Behavioral Trait: paces

Affiliation: guild Shop

Size: large
Interior: quiet, pleasant-smelling, decorated in earth tones, dark
Occupants Include: a druid, a paladin, a young woman, a dog

Security: none

Reputation: decent


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