She wears a 15 foot long coat of crimson and deep purple scales ending in a barbed stinger that puts men to sleep and delivers them to horrible nightmere worlds of their greatest fears. Her bite is venomous and her mind full of sorcery and evil desires.

Ishtar’s Treasure Horde


Ishtar, the beautiful lady of the marsh, was encountered in the Lair of the Lizard Men Act: I Scene: XI. On the day the adventurers found the lair and killed all her ‘loyal subjects’ Ishtar decided that she could not part with the two men and one woman who had entered her home, for she desired the paladin’s blood for profane sorcery, the company of the young lady and the bard’s entertainment for her vulgar pleasures.

The two men attempted to kill her when they realized Ishtar desired them to be her slaves henceforth, but she casually ignored their attempts and after she finished toying with them as they were full of will and fierceness, she took their hearts and minds with a Charm Person spell, and kept them in her lair for 10 weeks, until finally one of the survivors was able to achieve a clever reprisal and save the others.


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