Erwin Kuhn


Attired in a fair quality tunic, and kitchen apron.
AC 10
HP 1d6


One visit to the Tavern of Erwin Kuhn shows why he owns and operates the favorite place of warry travellers and Keep inhabitants. Erwin Kuhn has the look of a chef you can trust for he is not a man slight of frame, his a reputation for cooking excellent food, and providing patrons with ale and wine from the Saint Cuthbert Monastery, and Honey Mead or Tea created from the exhaustive labors of the Keep’s agrarian populace.

The taverner enjoys a good story with good customers, and is regarded as a normal man, father and husband. Furthermore he speaks loyally of his keep and vows he and his sons would don leather, sword and shield for the defense of the keep if the day should ever come, were the fringes of Chaos to press too closely at the Keep.


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