Gray Man

Men in Gray


Gray men are often seen wearing suits of decent to high quality, light weight clothing in many layers. A typical gray man often wears a uniform consisting of an over coat, loose robes, breeches, tunic and vest. Gray men wear wide brimmed hats or hoods while abroad to shield themselves from the sun and the elements, and are often seen wearing a thin metallic band upon their heads.

Each gray man also wears a pendant depicting a torch, lantern, or candle, or carry a symbol depicting similar objects. Many also carry books, scrolls, and other tools of academia, it is even rumored that some carry wands, orbs, maces, light-swords, staves and even scythes beneath their robes but if so, the manner in which these are carried remains unexplained, and unconfirmed.


It is not known to which government, church, and or leader the Gray men owe their inception or allegiance. One common theme associated with their presence is that of riddles, mystery and inquisition.

“Secrets of the dead,
Questions in the dark.
We all hold a Lantern;
All we need is the Spark.”

Gray Man

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