True Neutral


Gabriel is a young man near the age of 14, he is curious, intelligent, and in many ways very typical of others his age. However he is very different and much less fortunate in having lost both of his parents to the wrath of an unlawful taverner one terrible night. The exact events of the night remain shrouded in mystery for young Gabe, but he seeks the person or people responsible for revenge. This is, as it stands, his life goal thus far.

Attributes Value MOD Current
STR 8 -1 8
AGL 12 0 12
STA 10 0 10
INT 16 +2 16
PER 9 0 9
Luck 14 +1 14

As a result of his misfortune the Castellan of the Keep arranged for the education and absolute protection of the young boy’s life by the Ulfheonar Ain, on the condition the boy grows to a full age without ever meeting harm, and learns to wit and reason as a man and furthermore to teach him the arcane arts so that he might prosper in a career and prove a faithful guardian of civilized man. Failing that Ain knows he will forfeit his own existence.



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