Father Beacom Della Reveré

Priest of the order of St. Verena


Init +1; Atk holy cudgel +2 melee (2d3); AC 10; HD 5d8; hp 23; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +3; AL L.


When first encountered Father Beacom Della Reveré was found preaching in the town center of Thorne. From dawn to dusk the holy cleric spoke extemporaneously of the end times heralded by the savage demonic hound, the precepts and parables of religious doctrine flowing from him like the waters of the The River Lech.

During his prominence preaching to the townspeople the urgency of repentence, the sacrilege of materialism, and the permanence of the afterlife, the holy father discovered another evil had made it’s way to Harrow, in the form of lean man who went by the name Elphias. Father Beacom Della Reveré, chastised this man whom it was plain for all his congregation to see was a unrepentant demagogue of the powers and principalities of the realm, a man of worldly wisdom, a sower of destruction.

Elphias ascended in power within the town, while Father Beacom Della Reveré found a steady unwillingness among the townsfolk to win them to the calling. In the end, the holy father was imprisoned in the dungeons of Thorne, while a team of mercenaries including Elphias tracked the Hound of Harrow to it’s lair and destroyed it.

Father Beacom Della Reveré

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