Maximus Deinholt


The Castellan wears a gloriously engraved suit of plate mail, and employs the use of a brilliant shield. A long beautiful green cloak clasps at his shoulders and runs the long length of his body. A long sword and dagger are held by the metal scabbards he wears on his belt.

AC 23
HP 6d12

Deed Die +d8
Crit Die/Table: 1d30/V
Threat Range 18-20
Action Dice 1d20 + 1d16

Ref+2 Fort+4 Will+2

The Castellan was given the sacred duty to account for the Keep, and her people. It is his responsibility to rule the land with honor and zeal in accordance with the precepts of the church. It falls upon the castellan to employ a regiment to defend the castle, men to maintain and expand it’s domain, and to ensure good labor and bountiful harvest year by year until the return of the King to his rightful throne.


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