Captain of the Guard

Ulric Lordson


The Captain is donned in a full suit of heavy plate mail, he carries an excellent spear in his right hand, and wears a long sword and red jeweled pommeled dagger on his belt.


Ulric Lordson, is highest ranking officer of all soldiers and guards of the Keep. He has a reputation for being an excellent leader, who is kind to the simple residents of the keep, and exacts the honor of his men. His second in command is the Sergeant of the Guard who also has quarters in the Inner Gatehouse, alongside the Captain of the Guard. Together these two men are fully capable of handling all the affairs of the soldier, and provide a stern encouragement for all members of the Keep to remain lawful and obedient.

The Captain of the Guard is also close to the Curate, who baptized him in the name of Saint Cuthbert, when he was a young boy living at the Saint Cuthbert Monastery.

Captain of the Guard

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