Siegfreid Frueh


AC 10
HP 1d10


A hardy man of definite skill and resolve and has devoted his life to running the Blacksmith Shop. This great man is of an age where the gods have stricken his hair white, but the forge has strapped his arms and shoulders with thick swells of muscle. Herr Frueh is a tribute to the fact that even elders can possess great physical strength. Though he would never be fool enough to boast, the inhabitants of the Keep have given him the renown as the strongest man of the Keep, capable of lifting a grown man above his head, and tossing him as though he were the weight of a child.

Siegfried and his two sons, Johann and Hans, provide the garrison of the Keep with castle-forged iron blades and armor. They keep the secrets of strong iron blacksmithing within the family, but find much more need to make things like, nails, hinges, horseshoes, arrowheads and other metal tools, and so the shop is not stocked full of specialty mercenary items.


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