Gold Dragon




This dragon appears to be still growing, when first met Aurumbaruk was about the size of a small house or twice the size of a horse length, width and breadth. His body is covered in a scintillating array of scales from platinum gold to a deep sun golden brown. A muscular tail trails behind his body over 10’ long and ends in a wicked barb.

His countenance is one of sheer majesty and uncontested power. If one could bear to look into this dragon’s eyes they would sense a deep intelligence and wisdom behind them. However Aurumbaruk would let no creature so mundane as man to peer into his draconic soul.

His voice is deep and carries the tone of a thunder clap, his roar unmistakable and utterly terrifying. His breath is colder than any winter known to man, so much so that where ever he so dictates his breath leaves preternaturally slow thawing ice and snow.


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