Fables of the Borderlands

The Legend of Neconilis

Act: II Scene: IV

The story unfolds with a single adventurer, Elphias having received an urgent summons from Greyfaun Headmaster Sedgewick Theodore Grimm himself…

The wizard was dispatched to New Haven with a small retinue of horse riders from Greyfaun. Having reached the town he quickly became aware of several differences in which it opposed the Ulfheonar town of Thorne. In terms of age the town was but new having witnessed only several winters. The buildings were few, namely consisting of a militia barracks, and a resplendent merchant shop. New Haven’s people were of an ilk familiar to the wizard, for they shared their origins in the realm, rather than the old forests of Harrow.

Unique treasure items discovered in The Legend of Neconilis
Neconilis’ Book of Horrors, Azzmere’s Ring of Protection, Azzmere’s Relics of Neconilia, Azzmere’s Staff of Striking, Neconilis’ Lost Treasures of the Badlands, Amulet of Neconilis, Yagdoo’s Niche: Ring of Chameleon Power, Robe of Useful Items, extra-dimensional Bag of Holding, and one of five spellbooks of Neconilis; Neconilis II.


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