Fables of the Borderlands

The Deep Cellars

Act: III Scene: I

This record confirms the report of a group of young ordinary villagers who unwittingly entered a sprawling labyrinth of monsters, traps, trick and puzzles in a lust for treasure, and the spoils of conquest of which manifest the reigns of power, and may inevitably tether lesser souls to doom and damnation.

The events of the report have been summarized to make possible the recording of significant details and discoveries.

Day 1:
A giant hairy recluse spider destroyed the first of several fools to turn their fates over to the dungeon, however the mob of tomb plunderers was so great that they were able to over-power the giant and pierce its hide many times before it was able to successfully claim another victim.

DEN OF THIEVES The mob continued into the dungeon where they happened upon a band of rogues, armed with daggers, and crossbows. After a failed parlay in which the brigands demanded a hefty tax a violent skirmish ensued crashing within the confines of several rooms and a central hall. Ultimately the mob was able to kill all but a handful of the band of rogues, but at a cost of injury and death to more of their number.

A TRAITOR Already close to half of the original party remained, with one who turned traitor to join the band of rogues after a final argument and dispute with the mob leader, Gaston. And so the traitor, Rakka was able to flee into the dungeon clutching a valuable gemstone which had fallen from the belly of a levitating iridescent orb.

Eventually the survivors encountered many more rooms, and no shortage of imagined or perceived threats. No door, or hall was deemed safe until the parties’ cautious stable boy, Lodin tapped, patted, and inspected it for tripwires, traps, and “etcetera”

NEW FRIENDS Before the curtain fall of the first day the zealous tomb robbers, encountered an aging Dwarf, perhaps more frail than he would ever acknowledge, or permit others to know, and a Hobbit, Jergo who would soon find luck by eschewing his native timidity.

MORLOCHS Together the robbers and their new friends happened upon a large room, wherein sulked a clutch of lesser trolls, creatures who can only be described as they did not deign to introduce themselves. Though it can be certain they were natural fiends of the underworld, with their gnarled frames across which stretched patchy, callous gray skin, long reaching arms that ended in disease ridden iron nails at the tip of each finger. The nameless Dwarf was first to charge in with a great “HO!” as he raised his hammer overhead, to crush the eyeless skull of the creature before him ~ however his strike was erred, and sadly the sure thrust of a crude spear impaled the old fellow who collapsed upon the floor never to rise again.

Not without injury the group was able to destroy every fiend in the large room, whilst a clever Jergo, reached a cache in the rear room, and pocketed some valuable treasures, a fact he retained as dear as the treasure itself.


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