Fables of the Borderlands

Missing Adventurers

Dead or Alive?

Argosa and Tinaroth have not returned to the Keep. Local villagers and craftsmen who knew them have begun to wonder if they will ever see two of the most promising adventurers ever to set foot in the keep, return to their residence and take up a normal life.

The Keep Blacksmith Seigfreid Freuh has said that he hopes to see them return. “I gave one of the heroes a fine axe that had been in my family. If I had any doubt they wouldn’t return I would have given it to Johann, my eldest. I have faith that our beloved St. Cuthbert will see them home to safety.”

But not everyone in the town seemed to be so fond of the missing adventurers. The Keep’s benevolent Guild Master, Liebrecht Oldenhaller had this to say, “They have likely succumbed to one of the many hosts of danger that fill the borderlands. Men of law they were not. Nor can it be said those men were of good heart. On numerous occasions they engaged in violent behavior within our fair Keep, and disrupted the peace. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword!”


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