Fables of the Borderlands

Into the Mountainous Wilderlands

Act: II Scene: II

Having escaped the insanity of the temple our adventurers traversed the ridges of Barrow mountain, the Keep in sight far beyond and below. The comforts of the bright blue sky, and late summer winds were soon forgotten as the party came upon a giant beetle, with a bronze carapace and two long frilled antennae, in a few twists of fateful melee the strange beetle lay crushed upon the ground upon two former possessions of one very enraged barbarian, the sword Ssulithus, and an expensive coat of iron ring mail, now nothing more than a disparate scattering of rusted flakes. rustmons.gif

Nothing was more certain to the group than the notion that they or something they carried with them was cursed, for things continued to worsen, as they journeyed along a treacherous pathway along the precipice of the mighty mountain range. Dark clouds gathered ominously in the skies, growing watchful masses of grey. The temperatures lowered even further than the stark chill it had been, and soon droplets of rain began to ping upon the rocky path at their feet. The adventurers shuttered at the first clap of lightning in the distance, the sounds of thunder rolling across the sky towards them. Each in turn clinching their cloaks tighter around their necks.

It was obvious that this place here in the borderlands was true wilderness, a man’s skeletal remains lay on the path, what had happened here? one could only imagine, if they dared… too frightening was the notion that such trips into the land of speculation would result in the manifestation of such fears. Was it paranoia, that from somewhere within a sixth sense whispered the warning of a stealthy stalker?

The adventurers came to a place upon the precipice pathway, where a heavy stone door had been set into the mountain side… As ominous in its designs as the storm clouds above, Not even the wily Gnome, nor the thief Nadia wanted to chance a look in side. No one was fully rested, nor restored from the multifaceted injuries they had suffered in the temple and not a one wished to chance what remained of their tattered constitution to what might lay behind the stone door. And so they continued on exterminating the place from their memories collectively.


GodricMcKellan GodricMcKellan

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