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INTRODUCTION to the Keep on the Borderlands, the inspiring source for my campaign – By Gary Gygax

INTRODUCTION to The Fables of the Borderlands – By Godric McKellan

Beware travelers, the people and places of the Borderlands are not always what they seem. The wilderness of the Borderlands is not a place for the unprepared, the ignorant, or the capricious explorer. The Keep is your only safe haven, a tiny and lonely island, miles from the Lawful shores of civilization. It’s walls were built at a cost of many lives, to protect man from the beasts of the wood, the devils below, and the others… The fables of the borderlands are dark tales, with sad endings, and few heroes. You may be eager and confident in yourselves, but if you knew the count of hungry eyes that lay upon your soft hide when you wander exposed outside the wall, the number of cunning beasts that have savored your sweet scent from only a few hundred feet downwind, and how many times you’ve been counted an easy kill, to be served as a meal for broods, hives, and yelps, you’d never undertake the perilous gamble you’re about to. Evil intelligences are counting on your foolish bravado however, cleaning claw and fang of former morsels so as to better enjoy the sweet, ripe flesh of confident, ignorant men… Welcome to the Borderlands!

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